Wedding Expectation

I was married 3 months ago. And, while our wedding day was near perfect and full of congratulations and celebration, I was shocked by the response to our engagement. Rather than being flooded with congratulations we were met with heavy expectations. No one was interested in celebrating with us despite the previous months of teasing and questioning as to when we would get married. Everyone had their own expectations about what a wedding should be. We heard a lot of “well, we wish you had decided to wait a year.” And, “you’re not supposed to get married in a recession.” Friends were hurt because they didn’t receive the rolls they expected in the wedding. The week leading up to the wedding became a battle to have our reception outside. It didn’t meet expectations.

These expectations followed us after the wedding. Thanks were not sent out quick enough. Christmas cards were never sent and people, I think, expected them.

So, for me, the final sending out of the Thank Yous feels like a form of closure. To be sure, I am grateful for all that was given and said and done for our wedding. We received such an outpouring of love in the form of gifts, we still haven’t had time to wade through it all. But, I’ll be glad when that last Thank You note is sent out and I can close this chapter of my life, a chapter that was nothing like what I thought it would be.