Headline News

The Icelandic ash cloud that halted air travel throughout Europe fell off the front page of the newspaper well over a week ago but, I’d still like to share this beautiful article which reflects on a world without air travel. I encourage you to read the full length version as well. I also appreciated this quote from an article written in the Globe and Mail,

Morning breaks in London with a strange, exhilarating silence: Gone is the constant low hum of two dozen jetliners overhead, the scores of vapour trails etched in the sky.

Gone, too, are couriers, tourists, fresh fruit. The silent city sounds and feels like a village, bathed in sunlight and frozen in stillness. The air tastes sweet, and the sky is perfectly clear and crystalline for the first time in a decade.

You realize, as never before, that you live on an island.

This quote reminds me of the Shakespeare class I took in University in which our professor tried to explain the differences between being in The Globe theatre during the 1600s and now. He would always mention that in the 1600s the actors did not need to speak over the constant hum of airplanes.

I’m generally not one to keep up with headline news but this story captured my imagination as I flew, undaunted, through North American skies.