Travel Journals

In August, my husband and I along with 2 other leaders will take 7 teens (ranging in age from 13-17) to Ecuador where we will, basically, be working with children. I am so stoked to see what will happen in the lives of these teens over the course of those 2 weeks. I’m excited to see how they will react and adapt to a new and very different surrounding. I’m excited to see how they will grow as they are faced with a demanding schedule and a more intense level of responsibility. I’m excited to see what opinions and ideas they will embrace as they are removed from their parents and familiar surroundings.

As leaders, one of our goals for this trip was to ensure that some intentional discipleship happened. We wanted to provide a way for the teens to grow closer to God and are excited to see how God will speak to them and us, through this experience. One form of discipleship we’ve chosen to use is to have a devotional for the teens to follow everyday leading up to the trip and everyday while we’re in Ecuador. We’re encouraging them to keep a journal of their thoughts and experiences over the course of this journey. I wish so badly that I had found these journals a week ago or that I had thought to make something like them. They’re the perfect size for a trip like this, rather than picking up a huge notebook and only filling in the first 20 pages. And they seem so much more legitimate and purposeful than the duo-tangs we will use instead.