Moving to England

I promised that I would blog about our move over to England and would like to start now as we sit and wait to board our Thomas Cook flight. Today was busy, finishing up those last details before Jonathan’s parents came to pick us up and take us to the airport. I’m amazed at all that we were able to accomplish in these past few weeks and especially the past two days. Our final errand was dropping library books off on the way to the airport. On the way we stopped by to say a teary goodbye to Jonathan’s Grandma. The goodbyes at the airport were the teariest I’ve ever had and it was hard to say goodbye to people we love so much knowing that we would be missing out on so much over the next year.

My Dad assured me that I had made the right choice as he hugged me goodbye. I’ve spent most of our post-security time wondering if he’s right. I’m sure he is, but I question if it’s possible to stay connected with people when you’re so far away. I’m learning more and more that there’s something really important about one on one time with the people you love and I’m worried about what will happen to our relationships if we miss out on that. But, I know that we have all their love and support and I look forward to finding creative ways to stay connected with the people we love.