Ecuador Photos and Stories

For two weeks in August, Jonathan and I traveled to Ecuador along with two other leaders and seven teens from our church. It was the first youth missions trip that Skyview had done in about 10 years and we were excited to take the teens away from the comforts of home and be there to encourage them as they grew personally and spiritually. Travel has this marvelous way of teaching you so much about yourself! Matt and Kerri-Lynn, the other two leaders, were hoping to organize a youth team to take to Ecuador to continue the work they’d started with Kidztown International roughly two years before. In January we decided that this was the best choice for our youth group (especially since so many of the teens know and love Matt and Kerri-Lynn) and signed up to go with them!

Matt and Kerri-Lynn were living in Ottawa until July and were busy getting things organized for the team once we landed in Ecuador. So, Jonathan and I were responsible to make sure that everyone was ready to go! Vaccinations, fundraisers, and information meetings to the ease the nerves of anxious parents (thanks for trusting us with your teens!) were often draining and sometimes a little frustrating, but it was absolutely worth it!

Over the next couple of weeks I will (finally) be posting some photos from this trip on Flickr. I’ll also post one photo per day here, along with some stories and ramblings about the trip, starting now.

Houston Airport Map

The first day of the trip was a travel day. We flew from Calgary to Houston and then from Houston to Quito. We had some time in between flights for some lunch. Here, Zak considers which terminal will offer the best eats.