Ecuador Day 3

On day three we slept through an earthquake that registered 6.9 on the Richter scale that shook beneath a nearby town. Despite its strength the quake was deep beneath the earth’s surface so, thankfully, no one in the town was harmed and we slept right through.

During our time in Riobamba Jefferson and Rosita led Kidztown training sessions for eager church leaders in the mornings. We asked the teens to attend the first session, but decided it was too cruel to make them sit through what was essentially a lecture in a language they couldn’t understand in a freezing church to make this request of them every morning. The teens played games or slept on those mornings when they didn’t take part in the training sessions. In the afternoons the team would perform Kidztown shows in various locations.

On this particular day we did one show in little square by a quiet playground. Prior to the show one of the newly trained leaders and three of us team members piled into the back of the truck and drove through the neighbourhood, announcing the show to start in a few minutes. At first, the audience consisted mainly of the leaders from the training session and some of the children they brought from their children’s programs. Throughout the show we watched the audience grow as children came out to join us from different parts of the neighbourhood. By the end of the show even the quiet playground was in use by children who were curious, but too shy to become active audience members. Watching children pop out from all corners to watch the show was a common occurrence.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t selected a photo to go with this post. It seems I’ve gotten a day ahead of myself in photos. The photos on Flickr are actually from day 4, which was easily the most cultural day of the trip. I’ll choose a photo and tell you all about it tomorrow.