Ecuador Day 7


This was our busiest Kidztown day with 3 full shows. The whole team participated during the morning Kidztown training session by performing a portion of the regular show as an example for the group. Once that part was over all of us except Matt, Kerri-Lynn, Jefferson, and Rosita went to the outdoor swimming pool we saw the day before. We spent the morning getting small frogs out of the pool, tossing each other in and recovering from accidental belly flop wounds.

After a roast beef lunch we felt ready to face the heat, humidity, and dust as we performed the first of 3 shows. We had a great time and the kids were really interactive. Afterwards we were treated to deep green sugar cane juice. I was nervous about the effect of the drink on my insides, but after receiving the go ahead from Jefferson and Rosita, I indulged.

The second show was beside an inner city playground. The audience was small to start, about 6 kids. By the end, families watched from both sides of the chain link fence surrounding the park. It was interesting to see people’s curiosity and enjoyment of a random show in a park.

The final show of the day was in a covered basketball court-like area with concrete bleachers along one side. Well over 100 people watched the show and were so enthusiastic that we performed the second bible story (we usually only did one). An elderly man stepped on a large beetle-like bug behind me before it had the chance to crawl up my shirt, which I thought was very sweet of him. The enthusiasm continued after the show as parents photographed us with their children, as if we were famous child entertainers. It was odd and not at all our intention. Things felt normal again once we started to toss the ball around with the kids.

We were exhausted when we got back to the Ministry Center in Shell, but everyone was in high spirits. The hard work of the day brought out a spirit of teamwork and togetherness we hadn’t experienced in the days before. Everyone was buzzing with excitement and it was difficult to settle down to sleep, as evidenced by Jorge, Rick, Zak, and Brock who tried to burn off some energy by attacking bats with sticks and rocks.