Ecuador Day 10

Last Show

This was our last “work” day. I woke up incredibly excited, not because we were doing our last Kidztown show or because the trip was nearly over, but because I was eager to finish strong.

Jefferson and Rosita did a training session at a Nazarene church in Tena. It was so tough to stay awake (sitting quietly on plastic chairs, listening to a presentation in a language you don’t understand after many late nights will do that to you) and I happened to yawn just as Jefferson looked in my direction. He graciously smiled and moved onto his next point.

We performed the first show on a busy street corner. We had to improvise a little and ended up performing in the round in order to accommodate the large circle of people who gathered around us. We also split into two groups standing back to back to do the song actions. Some of the team members felt that the show was too chaotic, and although it was one of my favourites, I found myself turning the diamond from my engagement ring towards the inside of my palm. We knew at the start of this trip that pick pocketing and other forms of theft were a real possibility, but for the first time since the van was broken into I felt vulnerable.

Afterwards we went back to the church for our usual lunch of buns with ham and cheese alongside chips and soda. There were a lot of shoe stores nearby the church and we had time to browse the many Converse, Puma, and Adidas knock-offs.

Everyone was quiet as the van pulled up to the large public amphitheater both from exhaustion and, I think, from the knowledge that this was the last show signifying that our time in Ecuador was almost over. We slowly walked towards the large green concrete bleachers, set up the sound system (we had borrowed the one from the church). We waited a while to see if more children would show up (there were about 6) and finally began. More people joined the audience and watched from the sidewalk as we performed. One of the men from the morning training session gave us ice cream after the show, which was a much appreciated treat as sweat rolled down my back.

That night we had time for another dip in the pool before our hot dog supper. As much as I hoped for another deafening storm at bed time, the night was peaceful.