Ecuador Day 12

Quito From Above

We were a tired group trudging through security and customs! With trace amounts of sleep I’m amazed with how well we all did getting onto our first flight from Quito to Houston. After some sleep and some food, everyone seemed a bit revived during lunch at the Houston airport.

It was interesting to see the mixed emotions of the group. Some of the teens were nearly devastated to leave Ecuador behind and head back home, while others, although too tired to be excited, were clearly pleased that Calgary was just one more flight away.

We received such a warm welcome in Calgary!!! It’s interesting to see that intersection where a trip that you’ve taken, something that you’ve done that has deeply impacted you, also touches the lives of those around you. The parents had obviously missed their children and were put at ease to see them safely at home. Even us leaders had parents to greet us! Kerri-Lynn’s parents came to pick her and Matt up and graciously brought our car over for us! And Jonathan’s parents met us with balloons and celebration! It was so great to be surrounded with such encouragement and rejoicing!

We arrived home the same day as Jonathan’s mom’s birthday, so we went straight to Swiss Chalet for a doubly celebratory dinner complete with a birthday present for Mom and other Ecuadorian gifts! It was so great to be home and I’ll post a few summarizing thoughts about the trip in another post.

Thanks to all of you who supported us on this journey, who prayed for us, who gave financially, and who welcomed us home!