Video for Danger Beach Song “Apache” created by Ned Wenlock and Rodney Selby

Okay, no disclaimer needed for this video. Everyone should watch it. Everyone! I can’t get enough of the song, the scrolling movement on the screen, and those sweet characters. First we meet a little guitar playing Native American, next a buffalo and then, and this just does me in, a headband wearing abominable snowman monster thing! There are so many great layers in here that even after 10+ views I’m still finding fantastic little details. Ned Wenlock, director of the video, states

The pace of the music suggested traveling to me. I liked the idea of the Apache traveling from his home via different old fashioned modes of transport and finally getting swallowed up the modern city-

To read more about Ned Wenlock’s ideas for this video and an explanation on how he put the video together head over to Motionographer.

(Via The Fox Is Black)