A Couple Of Things I Forgot To Mention

Update: In my excitement to get things going I forgot to mention a couple of things.

First, a big inspiration to begin blogging about ways to end extreme poverty came from my friend’s blog small change. Each week she posts one small change we can each make to help end poverty, better the environment, or improve overall morale. She has some fantastic ideas and I highly recommend you check it out! I’m sure there will be some overlap between her blog and mine as some ideas, such as buying Fairtrade, are simply really good ways of bringing an end to poverty, but I aim to be original and follow my own path to see where my research takes me.

Second, as one of my goals is to change my buying habits, a lot of my research will focus on the places where I shop and the products available where I live, which just happens to be in the UK. However, because so many of my friends are back “home” in Canada I will do my best to provide information applicable to Canadian shoppers as well. This will require a little bit of double duty on my part, but I think the effort will be well worth it.


One thought on “A Couple Of Things I Forgot To Mention

  1. So excited about your new blog direction. Looking forward to reading your updates!

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