Live Below the Line: Day One

Today’s post will be short and sweet as it’s after 11:30pm and I’m certain part of the successful completion of Live Below the Line is getting enough rest!

Having planned out our meals for the week, sticking to budget today was pretty simple.

For breakfast we had oatmeal with milk, a dash of salt, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar along with a cup of tea with milk which added up to roughly £0.25 per person.

Lunch was a simple mix of chick peas, cous cous, and another sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar, which roughly came to £0.28 per person.

Dinner was a splurge at £0.31 per person and consisted of noodles in broth, pork sausages, a quarter of a carrot, and a bit of onion.

Within this amount we even managed a small dessert! Jonathan tried the pizza dough recipe from the Live Below the Line cookbook, which consists of only flour and water. With this doughy base and a final sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar we had a sweet and tasty, treat to finish off the day!

Our grand expenditure comes to £0.84 per person today.

Overall the day went well although I’m definitely missing snacks and biscuits. I also discovered that it would be beneficial to bring more for lunch as I was very shaky and just a tad curmudgeonly as we made our way home after work (sorry Jonathan!). But all was well when I realised we had room in the budget for dessert!

As part of Live Below the Line I am raising money to support the work of the Global Poverty Project. My aim is to raise £200. If you would like to make a donation please visit my participant page.