Live Below the Line: Day Two

Day two of Live Below the Line has been okay even though I had to start the day with cold oatmeal because I was too slow getting up and Jonathan had made enough for the two of us prior to leaving for work.

Our oatmeal breakfast and cup of tea came to £0.25.

We had leftovers from our noodle and pork sausage mixture for lunch, which cost about £0.31.

We decided to try the pizza recipe for supper. This meant a trip to the grocery store to spend our remaining £0.80 on courgette and possibly an apple if the budget would allow. We did manage to get a courgette for £0.43 and then debated whether we should get an apple that we could use for two desserts at best or whether we should buy biscuits that we could ration to last the rest of the week. We found a package of 36 biscuits for £0.31 so we put the apple back and enjoyed one small biscuit each on the way home. The biscuits cost just shy of £0.01 each, which meant that I could eat three tonight without going over budget.

I was a bit nervous that making pizza for supper would push us both just over £1 for the day, but my fears were quieted when Jonathan did a quick double check of the math. Our flour and water dough with ham slices, courgette, tomato, and a few herbs and spices came to a grand total of £0.60. Split between two people our dinner came to £0.30 per person.

My grand total for the day, including tea with breakfast and three biscuits comes to £0.89. I must confess that, for the most part, I’m busy enough during the day that I’m not overly aware of my restricted diet. However, I do miss having snacks at regular intervals.

One of the most interesting parts about this challenge is the reaction of those around me. One woman asked me what exactly I was eating on only £1 per day, in a tone suggesting that it was simply not possible. She remained slightly unconvinced even after I described what we had for supper last night and it wasn’t until I gave her the price of the major meal pieces that she was satisfied and even impressed that it is possible to feed yourself on £1 per day.

Some colleagues see the challenge as really no big deal, knowing that in a few days I’ll be back to my normal eating habits, while others are genuinely saddened when they realise I cannot partake in whatever indulgence they were hoping to share with me.

As day two draws to a close I am feeling mostly satisfied though extremely tired. But I am definitely already thinking about what luxuries I can indulge in once the weekend arrives and how lovely it will be to be able to afford apples again. If you would like to donate to help support those who will not be able to afford apples by the weekend you can do so online by visiting here.