Live Below the Line: Day 4

It’s day four of Live #belowtheline and I’m tired and hungry. We’re just not eating enough each meal to feel satisfied and there’s not much room in the budget for snacks.

I’m also tired of talking about my poverty. The bulk of the conversations I’ve had over the last four days have been about this challenge and what I can and cannot afford to eat. On one hand that means that this challenge is serving its purpose perfectly as it opens doors to talk about what extreme poverty looks and feels like. On the other hand there’s a part of me that would love to be asked about something else going on in my life right now, something other than my own personal ‘poverty’. Which leads me to wonder how often we define ‘the 1.4 Billion people’ by their poverty rather than their humanity. Just like me, those living in extreme poverty likely have other things on their minds apart from the food they do or do not have access to. Some may have concerns about their role as husband or wife, others may be struggling to keep up decent grades (which is made more difficult by insufficient nutrient intake), while others might be moving from one place to another and are struggling with the stress of that move. People should not be defined by their poverty. And when I stop to think about those living in extreme poverty as whole individuals who are made up of so much more than their current circumstance, my passion to see their lives changed and my resolve to have more conversations about extreme poverty and how we can see its end in a generation grows stronger.

As we head into the final day of Live #belowtheline I’d like to thank those of you who have offered your generous support to either my or Jonathan’s campaign! In case you’re curious, today’s budget works out as follows.

  • Sugar, cinnamon, milk with oatmeal and tea for breakfast = £0.25
  • 5 biscuits = £0.05
  • Leftover spaghetti with pork sausage, courgette, tomatoes and spices = £0.20 (the photo is of last night’s portion)
  • 3 cups of tea throughout the day = £0.01
  • A sneaky chick pea snack before supper = £0.05
  • Flour and water pizza dough with ham slices and courgette = £0.23

Our grand total for the day comes to a whopping £0.79.

If you would like to “buy us lunch” and support us as we raise money for the Global Poverty Project, please donate here.