Dine Below the Line

I’m more than a little embarrassed by how long it has taken me to get this post up, especially considering the brevity of its content.

As you may or may not recall, we held a Dine Below the Line breakfast to cap off our Live Below the Line challenge. The goal of Dine Below the Line is to cook a meal for your guests that costs just 33 pence per person. We did a little brainstorming and figured out that we could easily make enough pancakes for about 10 people for less than £3.30, complete with homemade white sugar syrup. Jonathan is the pancake making star in our home, so he hopped out of bed and got a start on the pancakes, much like any other Saturday morning. To cut back on cost we opted out of using baking powder, but kept the flour, eggs, and salt in the mix. The cost of syrup combined with the low frequency of pancake consumption in our home means that we often make our own syrup although this time we replaced our usual brown sugar with white sugar to keep down the cost. Throw in some Fairtrade tea bags for less than a penny each and we had a rather lovely Saturday breakfast, though some of our guests would have enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee, but that simply would not fit into the budget. Fruit would have also been a nice addition, but was a luxury we could not afford.

We spent some time talking about our Live Below the Line experience with the group and lamenting the things we had missed throughout the week. Chocolate and berries were on the top of my grocery list!

We were all a little surprised by how much you could do to make a simple breakfast on such a small amount. Of course, a pancake breakfast isn’t enough to sustain anyone for a prolonged period of time or to expend any substantial amount of energy that might be required on a normal work day. But on a lazy Saturday, the pancakes hit the spot and we all left grateful for the blessings we do have here in the UK. I was especially excited to get to the grocery store to start preparing our first post-Live Below the Line meal, bouillabaisse- which is a type of fish soup, and to get my hands on some chocolate.

Overall our Live Below the Line experience was certainly challenging, but it was a great experience that revealed similar challenges faced by the 1.4 Billion people living in extreme poverty world wide. I’m excited to take the challenge again next year and to continue to raise awareness of ways that we can end extreme poverty as well as raising funds for organisations who actively work to end extreme poverty.

Will you join me and Live Below the Line in 2013?