Live Below the Line 2013: Let’s Do It Together


From one exciting campaign to another!

Tomorrow marks the start of Live Below the Line for Jonathan and I. From Monday to Friday we will live on £1 per day for 5 days on food and drink to raise awareness of extreme poverty and raise funds for charities who are actively working to end extreme poverty.

If I’m honest, I felt a bit blasé about doing the challenge again this year because, well, we did it last year. Not just that we did it last year, but we managed okay, gleaned some important insights about poverty from the experience, and chatted to people about extreme poverty. The importance of those conversations cannot be stressed enough and I am looking forward to engaging in further conversation this year, but I did wonder if this challenge would offer any new insights the second time around.

That was until my friend and fellow ambassador Roxanne started amassing a small group of people in our office who were eager to join us as we lived below the line. Soon, about 8 of us were meeting together at lunch time to share top tips on living on a £1 per day. It became clear that this year’s experience would be nothing like last year’s. The excitement created by doing the challenge together with people who we work with everyday has already been such an encouragement, which I’m sure will only increase as the week goes by. But the group dynamic has a practical impact on the experience as well. We are planning on doing a shop together and share various items between us so that each of our £1s will stretch just a little further.

This has deeply enriched my understanding of the power of cooperatives. By doing this challenge with a small group, we are able to get more for our money so that everyone benefits. We also have the potential to raise more funds as more of us spread the word.

I am so excited to take part in Live Below the Line with this group of passionate individuals who really care about making a difference and can’t wait to see the difference it makes when we work together to end extreme poverty.

If you would like to join us please sign up here. If you would like to sponsor me as I live on £1 per day for 5 days on food and drink please go here.

I’ll be blogging my experience so you can expect to see details of our shop later today!