Live Below The Line: Monotonous Days 2, 3, 4

2nd May 2014


I meant to take a photo of my rice with lentils for a bit of a change from the rice and beans, but in my hunger I forgot so here’s a photo of the rice and beans – but in a colourful dish! Eating the same bland portions of food repeatedly for the past 4 days has been difficult and I’ve struggled to finish many of my meals despite my hunger. Living below the poverty line means living with a severe lack of choice. While I dream about all the things I can’t wait to eat on Saturday there are 1.2 billion people in the world who struggle to obtain an adequate amount of food each day let alone having the opportunity to choose their food to suit their current tastes and cravings. And this lack of choice is certainly not limited to food. Some families do not get to choose whether or not they will send their children to school. Or they may be faced with the reality that they do not have access to basic medicine, life saving vaccines, or family planning resources. There are so many ways that choice is limited when you live on less than the equivalent of $1.75 per day in Canada.

I feel so grateful for all that I have, all the opportunities I’ve been given, and the many choices I get to make each day. But surely I do not deserve these choices more than anyone else simply because of where I’ve been born. Everyone should have access to plentiful food sources, education, medicine, vaccines, and the opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. And that’s what I like so much about World Literacy Canada. Their aim is to provide opportunities for women to become leaders in their communties. Giving women options and choices through education and literacy benefits not only one woman or even a group of women. These opportunities benefit children, families, and whole communities and will help many people to get up on that first rung to development. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has so generously donated to my campaign. Every penny goes to helping lift people out of poverty and I encourage everyone who hasn’t already to donate!

And lastly, here’s our meal plan for days 2, 3, and 4…

Day 2

2 eggs $0.41

1 Banana $0.33

Brown Rice (90g) $0.20

Black Beans $0.19

1 Carrot $0.18

Sweet potato (roughly half) $.033

Salt & pepper $0.04

Total = $1.68 

Day 3 was exactly the same except we swapped out the black beans for lentils ($0.15) and a dash of curry spice ($0.02) for a total of $1.66.

And today, Day 4, we simply swapped the rice and lentil dinner and the sweet potoato lunch so our total for the day is exactly the same at $1.66.

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