A Thought On Travel

I’ve been thinking a lot about travel and my experiences as a flight attendant, which led to the following thought.

There’s a difference between travel and movement. Celerity in itself does not create a travel experience.

Sunday morning Jonathan and I spent three hours sitting and walking along the Thames in the warm sunshine, we were only 5 minutes away from our flat in a place we’ve been many times before, but it felt like we were in another country, like we were on vacation. I traveled further, that is to say that I had a more deeply resonant experience, in the slow meandering along the water where I live than in the thousands of miles I covered as a flight attendant.


Leanne’s 2010 Year in Cities

These are all the cities and towns I spent at least one night in throughout 2010. The places I stayed more than once on separate occasions or were home base get an asterisk.

  • Calgary, AB*
  • Rocky Mountain House, AB*
  • Abbotsford, BC
  • Toronto, ON*
  • Bridgetown, Barbados
  • Winnipeg, MB*
  • Halifax, NS
  • Banff, AB
  • Victoria, BC
  • Montreal, QC*
  • Orlando, FL
  • Kelowna, BC
  • Ottawa, ON*
  • Wainwright, AB
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Vancouver, BC*
  • Edmonton, AB*
  • The Dalles, OR*
  • Seaside, OR
  • Hamilton, ON*
  • Prince George, BC*
  • Saskatoon, SK*
  • Regina, SK*
  • Seattle, WA
  • Charlottetown, PE
  • Carlyle, SK
  • Fairmont Hot Springs, BC
  • Quito, Ecuador*
  • Riobamba, Ecuador
  • Shell, Ecuador
  • Tena, Ecuador
  • London, England*

Travel Journals

In August, my husband and I along with 2 other leaders will take 7 teens (ranging in age from 13-17) to Ecuador where we will, basically, be working with children. I am so stoked to see what will happen in the lives of these teens over the course of those 2 weeks. I’m excited to see how they will react and adapt to a new and very different surrounding. I’m excited to see how they will grow as they are faced with a demanding schedule and a more intense level of responsibility. I’m excited to see what opinions and ideas they will embrace as they are removed from their parents and familiar surroundings.

As leaders, one of our goals for this trip was to ensure that some intentional discipleship happened. We wanted to provide a way for the teens to grow closer to God and are excited to see how God will speak to them and us, through this experience. One form of discipleship we’ve chosen to use is to have a devotional for the teens to follow everyday leading up to the trip and everyday while we’re in Ecuador. We’re encouraging them to keep a journal of their thoughts and experiences over the course of this journey. I wish so badly that I had found these journals a week ago or that I had thought to make something like them. They’re the perfect size for a trip like this, rather than picking up a huge notebook and only filling in the first 20 pages. And they seem so much more legitimate and purposeful than the duo-tangs we will use instead.

Headline News

The Icelandic ash cloud that halted air travel throughout Europe fell off the front page of the newspaper well over a week ago but, I’d still like to share this beautiful article which reflects on a world without air travel. I encourage you to read the full length version as well. I also appreciated this quote from an article written in the Globe and Mail,

Morning breaks in London with a strange, exhilarating silence: Gone is the constant low hum of two dozen jetliners overhead, the scores of vapour trails etched in the sky.

Gone, too, are couriers, tourists, fresh fruit. The silent city sounds and feels like a village, bathed in sunlight and frozen in stillness. The air tastes sweet, and the sky is perfectly clear and crystalline for the first time in a decade.

You realize, as never before, that you live on an island.

This quote reminds me of the Shakespeare class I took in University in which our professor tried to explain the differences between being in The Globe theatre during the 1600s and now. He would always mention that in the 1600s the actors did not need to speak over the constant hum of airplanes.

I’m generally not one to keep up with headline news but this story captured my imagination as I flew, undaunted, through North American skies.

2009 Flights and Cities

2009 was my first (and possibly only) full year as a flight attendant and I was curious to see how many flights I worked over the past year. I averaged about 20 flights per month with a total of 284 flights in 2009. If you include repositioning flights in which I was in uniform and not working, plus flights taken for personal reasons the total comes to just slightly more than 300 flights in 2009.

My work brought me as far south as St. Maartens in the Netherland Antilles and as far east as St. John’s, Newfoundland. Personally, I travelled a bit further east to London, England.

The cities or towns I visited in 2009 are (in no particular order),

  • Toronto*
  • Ottawa*
  • Halifax*
  • Edmonton*
  • Winnipeg*
  • London, Ontario*
  • Moncton*
  • Vancouver*
  • St. John’s*
  • Kelowna*
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Hamilton*
  • London, England
  • Didsbury (Manchester)
  • Oxford
  • Bristol
  • Regina
  • Thunder Bay
  • Abbotsford*
  • Sydney
  • Montreal*
  • Carlyle
  • Lacombe
  • Manor
  • Calgary*
  • Rocky Mountain House*
  • Radium
  • Niagra Falls
  • Greely, ON

The * represents any place I visited more than once this year (Toronto should probably have about 20 more *).